• VALIANT™ Curing Light - handpiece
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - handpiece - light on
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - settings
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - handpiece and charging base
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - battery pack (with cap on)
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - charging base
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - disposable barrier sleeves
  • VALIANT™ Curing Light - Light Shield

VALIANT® Multispectral Curing Light

Compare to Ultradent®*: VALO®* Brand LED Curing Light Retail - up to 38% savings
VALIANT® Multispectral Curing Light
  • Multispectral, uniform beam through 395-500 nm wavelength range
  • Versatile to polymerize nearly all light-cured dental materials
  • Quick-change battery pack that's easily detached and re-attached
  • 4 LED's operate through three curing modes plus transilluminator 'white light'
  • Intuitive, easy operation with one-button soft touch on/off switch
  • Lightweight and ergonomic style
Kit Includes:
(1) Cordless Handpiece
(1) Battery Pack
(1) Charging Base
(100) Protective Sleeves
(1) Instructions for Use
(1) Curing Light Shield
Use with our Phasor™ composite warming system



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Customer Review:
“Our dental team from Ascension Columbia St Mary's Smart Smiles Program tested the VALIANT® Multispectral Curing light in real time. We loved this light and there were many pros to working with it. One of the pros is the 3-second cure which enabled us to see more patients and seal patients' teeth that we normally would have not been able to seal. Another pro is the design of the light head which makes it easy to place over the tooth even if the patient can't open very wide. It works on all ages from the k4 dentition thru the adult dentition. The transillumination light is a pro because we work in a mobile setting so sometimes there is shadowing while we work and having this ability to transilluminate a tooth helps us determine if a composite filling is present in the mouth which helps us be more accurate with our dental charting. Thank you for the opportunity to work with this light.”
Geralyn Travia, RDH, BSM, Resource Hygienist
Smart Smiles School-Based Oral Health Program
Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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