Mini Gracey Curette Tips

Vista Dental's ultrasonic tips are designed to fit all major Piezo scaling units.
The shorter, more slender blades, plus a longer shank allow these patent pending Gracey Mini Curette tips better access in places that are out of reach with regular sized tips (for instance, with misalignments, areas of tight tissue attachment when furcations are present, or when teeth overlap and are crowded because the bite was never corrected with braces):
  • Longer shank than regular curettes: For better access into deeper pockets
  • Slender blades: Aid in tactile sensitivity, enhanced deep pocket access and adaptation to root surfaces
  • Shorter blades (average 1.2mm): For better scaling in NARROW pockets, reduced tissue damage and greater adaptation to the root surface
For anterior teeth, premolars and molars
Each anatomically specific, uniquely angled Gracey Mini Curette tip adapts EXACTLY to the root surfaces in anterior, molar and pre-molar areas.
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