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Piezo Pilot™

Tips Are Guaranteed Against Breakage*
*Call for details *Must have a registered account at vista-dental.com to redeem breakage guarantee

Compare to Ultradent®* Ultrawave™* Scaler - Retail $1,799 - up to 38% Savings!

FOR HYGIENE: The Piezo Pilot™ Acteon®* Style dental ultrasonic scaler allows clinicians to use a wide range of very thin tips for a variety of procedures ranging from routine preventative care to severe periodontal cases.

Unlike Cavitron™* ultrasonic scaler tips, which move quickly in a scribbling figure 8 motion, the slow, methodical and controlled strokes are more efficient with the Piezo Pilot™ dental scaler, which requires time to transfer the energy needed to shatter the calculus and remove adherent biofilms. Using the terminal end of the tip like a perio-probe (parallel to the long axis of the tooth) strokes can be horizontal, vertical or oblique overlapping to cover the entire surface. Maneuvering around the line angle, the ultrasonic scaler tip is rotated in a similar manner to rotating a curette.

FOR ENDODONTICS: Innovative features offer a broad range of settings for all endodontic procedures including endodontic access, retrograde apical surgery and retreatment.

Pilot Includes:
2 - Detachable AUTOCLAVABLE handpieces
1 - Omni-directional foot pedal
1 - Quick-disconnect water line
1 - Magnetic handpiece holder
(8) Hygienic - Ultrasonic tips (1 each) SU1, SU6, HC and PTU, plus 4 tips of your choice, OR (8) Endodontic - Ultrasonic tips (1 each) GE20, GE20D, GEBD-2 and GEFD-2, plus 4 tips of your choice
8 - Torque wrenches
Innovative. High-end performance.
  • Push button controls
  • Variable irrigation flow
  • Broad range of power for any endodontic procedure
Versatile design
  • Left or right mounting magnetic handpiece holder
  • Detachable autoclavable handpiece
Compact. Comfortable.
  • Small, lightweight and portable

Piezo Pilot™ scalers have a much wider range of tip choices, including our new series of Gracey tips. Since hygienists already utilize Gracey curettes and technique, these are amazingly easy to use.

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