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Piezo Co-Pilot™

Tips Are Guaranteed Against Breakage*
*Excludes Oral Surgery Tips *Call for details *Must have a registered account at vista-dental.com to redeem breakage guarantee
Compare to Ultradent®* Ultrawave™* XS - Retail $2,649 - up to 20% Savings!
The ideal DUAL RESERVOIR system for dental ultrasonic scaling.
The Piezo Co-Pilot™ Acteon®* Style ultrasonic scaler features two large, easy-to-fill self-contained 350mL reservoir tanks with easy to see liquid levels and variable irrigation flow settings.
Unlike Cavitron™* ultrasonic scaler tips, which move quickly in a scribbling figure 8 motion, the slow, methodical and controlled strokes are more efficient with the Pilot™ which requires time to transfer the energy needed to shatter the calculus and remove adherent biofilms. Using the terminal end of the tip like a perio-probe - parallel to the long axis of the tooth - strokes can be horizontal, vertical or oblique overlapping to cover the entire surface. Maneuvering around the line angle, the ultrasonic scaler tip is rotated in a similar manner to rotating a curette.
Co-Pilot™ Dual Reservoir Scaler
1 - Piezo Pilot™ ultrasonic scaler
2 - Detachable AUTOCLAVABLE handpieces
1 - Omni-directional foot pedal
1 - Magnetic handpiece holder
2 - 350mL fluid capacity reservoirs (Easy-to-fill during procedure & easy-to-see liquid levels)
10 - Ultrasonic tips (2) each of SU1, SU6 and (1) each of HC, PTU, plus 4 tips of your choice
10 - Torque wrenches

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