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Voyager™ Tip:

Pre-bent, winged tip for convenient and safe irrigation.

Exacta-Flo-Vista Dental

Exacta-Flo™ Brush Tip:

Intended for the precise and smooth delivery of aqueous solutions

Phasor-Vista Dental


Photon-induced composite heating. Improves handling & adaptation of packable composites in seconds!

VistaCaine-Group-Vista Dental

VistaCaine™ Topical Anesthetic:

20% Benzocaine Gel for rapid, temporary numbing of minor irritation or pain.

Valiant Multispectral Curing Light-Vista Dental

VALIANT® Multispectral Curing Light:

Cordless handheld, multispectral LED curing light. Versatile to polymerize nearly all light-cured dental materials.

Elasti-Vac Tip-Vista Dental


Flexible, narrow tip for the removal of moisture from endodontic canal systems, minimizing the need for paper points.

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