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Extraction Surgery Tips - EMS®* Style

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SeriesOS-Vista Dental

Ultrasonic Tips for Extractions: Compare to EMS®* Tips

EX1-V Syndesmotomy: Anterior
  • Used for syndesmotomy and periradicular osteotomy
EX2-V Syndesmotomy: Anterior
  • Slim tip, particularly slim, allows for access to the tight spaces between the root and the alveolar bone
EXR-V Syndesmotomy: Posterior
  • Right-oriented at 45° tip facilitates access to the posterior areas
EX90-V Syndesmotomy: Posterior
  • 90° tip facilitates widening of the periodontal space in the interproximal, lingual and distal areas of molars
EXL-V Syndesmotomy: Posterior
  • Left-oriented at 45° tip facilitates access to the posterior areas
Piranha Tooth Sectioning
  • Saw-tooth tip particularly efficient for hemisections root amputations

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