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$7.85 $3.85
(You save $4.00)
Buy 3 - 16oz Bottles, Get 1 - 16oz Bottle FREE* - OR -
Buy 5 - 16oz Bottles, Get 1 Fill Station™ ($177.65 value) FREE*
Offer available as Mix-N-Match with EDTA, Chlor-XTRA™, CHX Restorative, or SmearOFF™
(For Mix-N-Match option, please call Toll Free (877) 418-4782)
* Can only use one offer or the other. Offer may not be combined with coupons.

Compare to Ultradent®*: Consepsis®* Solutions Retail $66.49 - up to 31% Savings!


Enhanced 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution kills multispecies biofilm 2X faster than standard 2% chlorhexidine. Contains 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate plus powerful wetting agents and proprietary surface modifiers to improve the depth of penetration and kills bacteria 10X faster than normal 2% Chlorhexidine.

16oz. (480mL) Bottle
Compare to Ultradent®*: Consepsis®* 16oz. Bottle - Retail $66.49
Endo Kit Includes: (4) 1.2 mL prefilled syringes & (20) 27ga Appli-Vac™ side-vent irrigating tips
Endo Refill Pack Includes: (20) 1.2ml prefilled syringes
Compare to Ultradent®*: Consepsis®* Econo Refill - Retail $35.49
30mL Bulk Syringe Includes: (1) 30mL prefilled bulk syringe & (1) docking port
Compare to Ultradent®*: Consepsis®* IndiSpense®* Syringe - Retail $34.99
30mL Bulk Syringe Kit Includes: (1) 30mL prefilled bulk syringe, (20) 1.2cc syringes, (20) 27ga Appli-Vac™ side-vent irrigating tips & (1) docking port
Prefilled Syringes Refill Includes: (4) 1.2mL prefilled syringes
Unit Dose Includes: (30) .6mL individually packaged prefilled syringes & (30) 27ga Appli-Vac™ side-vent irrigating tips
Don't waste the solution, use the 16oz. bottle with our Fill Station™

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