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  • CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kit
  • CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kit

CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kit


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Complete Endodontic Irrigation

Save time, save money. Through research and testing, Vista has developed it's CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kits to provide EXACTLY what Endodontists need for improved outcomes in cleansing root canals.

CanalClean™ 2S Kit for Anterior Anatomy

Endodontic retreatment rates are up over 35%, in part, due to improper irrigation techniques and protocol. With advancements in file technology, practitioners are now passing fewer files into the canal than ever before. Irrigation is vital for reliable root canal procedures, but passing fewer instruments means doctors no longer use as much irrigant solution.

  • New CanalClean™ 2S offers everything needed for optimal canal cleanliness, in a convenient 2 solution kit.
  • CanalClean™ 2S will save you time, eliminating the need for EDTA, CHX, and a rinsing agent!
  • Chlor-XTRA™ and SmearOFF™ are 100% compatible and WILL NOT form a precipitate when mixed, making irrigation simple & predictable.
The kits are convenient and easy-to-use, and COST NO MORE than buying individual components.
Step 1 - 12cc NaOCl - pharmacy controlled 6% concentration (Sodium Hypochlorite)
Step 2 - 6cc SmearOFF™ 2-in-1
Complete CanalClean™ 2S Kit includes:
(1) 12cc Chlor-XTRA™ (6% NaOCl)
(2) 30ga Appli-Vac™ side-vented irrigating tips
(1) Micro Aspirator with tip
4 Kits/box

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"I'm a general dentist who does 75% of my own endo. I have used Vista solutions for a few years now. I would certainly recommend them. Using CanalClean™ there is no worrying about how fresh solutions are or if the sterilization tech has properly mixed NaOCl with distilled water."
- Dr. Chip Parrish, D.D.S, Llano, TX

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CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kits provide EXACTLY what GP's need for improved root canal irrigation. For more information, visit Kits are convenient and easy-to-use, and cost no more than buying individual components. -Pharmacy fresh solutions -Engineered chemistry for maximum effectiveness -Complete (everything needed for procedural canal irrigation) -Convenient -Cost effective

  • CanalClean™ 2S...
    CanalClean™ 2S Irrigation Kits provide EXACTLY what GP's need ...

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