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Vista Dental proudly launched Phasor™, our new cordless composite warming delivery system at the 2018 Greater New York Dental Meeting.  Phasor™ warmed composite has become an indispensable clinical technique in my hands. It’s simple, intuitive, and has made my composite application smoother and easier.

Phasor™ is the first composite warming device to use near infrared technology and a rechargeable battery.  Phasor™ warmed compules provide the benefits of bulk fill, highly filled and flowable composites in one ergonomic and economical device. This is especially valuable when I’m placing large molar composite build-ups in the posterior.

Composite Temperature Throughout Procedure

Warming reduces viscosity and improves flow.  Phasor™ heats composite up to 150°F and is ready to place in under one minute. Composite is extruded at a constant temperature unlike other systems, which cool immediately upon being removed from an oven. The device remains cool to the touch. Improved composite flow optimizes my tactile control, reduces hand fatigue, and ultimately provides better marginal adaptation in harder to visualize areas.

Phasor™ warmed composites remain highly sculptable, do not stick to instruments and have no adverse pulpal effects, a big concern for me as an endodontist!

Polymerization vs Temperature

Peer reviewed scientific literature has proven that warming composite improves resin properties, such as hardness, elastic modulus, fracture toughness, tensile strength and wear resistance without degrading the material. Among other attributes,  Phasor™ warmed composites provide:

  • improved depth of cure
  • color stability
  • up to 10x better flow characteristics compared to room temperature application
  • improved polymerization
  • accelerated curing
  • reduced potential for voids, microleakage, and secondary caries

Collectively, these attributes assure me I am providing my patients the very best in composite placement technique.

For more information or to order a  Phasor™ from one of our distribution partners, call us at 1-877-418-4782. If there is a topic you would like addressed in the View, or your group/meeting needs a CE presenter, write me at See you at the Apex!

Note: Dr. Mounce is a practicing endodontist who writes and lectures nationally and internationally. He is the Chief Dental Officer of Vista Dental Products.

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