Vista View Blog #1 Intro

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Dr. Richard Mounce

Welcome to my first “Vista View” blog. The View will address clinical issues of interest to the practicing dentist, endodontist and Vista Dental’s dealer partners.

Recently I had the honor of becoming Vista’s Chief Dental Officer (CDO). This edition of the View was written to explain the role of a CDO and what value a CDO brings.

Having clinical input in the form of a CDO bridges the gap between the science and marketing side of the business and the clinical application of innovative advances. Engineers and marketers have not been to dental school and vice versa. Communication, exchange, and cooperation are critical for optimal product development. It’s exciting and a privilege for me to work with our highly talented engineering and sales team. Our daily collaboration closes the gap between current methods and superior clinical technologies. Like our current selections, the pipeline of future products is impressive.

Bringing a clinical voice to the table as CDO also helps identify unique uses and the criticality of various products. For example, within the Vista product line, the:

  • Visco-Tip™ has been shown to excel in applying bioceramic sealers with minimal waste.
  • AutoSyringe™ significantly reduces hand fatigue in expressing irrigant.
  • Phasor™ improves composite flow reducing voids and the risk of recurrent caries.

My personal journey to become CDO has led me to lecture on national and international podiums, do hands on courses in over 30 countries and write hundreds of trade magazine articles, an invaluable asset in my role as CDO.

Welcome again to the View! If you have a specific topic you would like to have me address in the View, a product idea, or a question about any Vista product, write me at See you at the Apex.

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