Vista Dental Announces the Acquisition of APEX Dental Materials, Inc.

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Vista Dental, a leading manufacturer in dental and endodontic product solutions, small equipment, and ancillary consumable products, today announced the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, Inc. Apex was founded in 1998 to address the need in the dental industry for a company that is dedicated to solving the restorative material issues of the practicing clinician.

“While Vista is renowned for endodontic solutions, we recognize that every root canal ends with a restorative procedure. That is why we are thrilled to combine the Apex restorative products with the existing Vista portfolio,“ - James Onderak, President Vista Dental.

According to Scott Lamerand, Co-Owner of Apex Dental Materials, “The Vista Dental team brings the talents and resources necessary to take the Apex restorative lines to the next level. The collaboration between the companies is tremendous and we’re excited about what the future holds.”

"This joining of these two companies is an exciting event that will deliver synergies to provide the best products to dental practices,” - Dr. John Kanca III, DMD.

Combined, Vista and Apex provide a robust line of value-oriented endodontic and restorative dental solutions. There will be no immediate changes to ordering and service procedures for customers or vendors. However, in the future, Apex products will be available through Vista’s established distribution partners.

Vista Dental is a portfolio company of Inverness Graham Investments Inc.

About Vista Dental Inc.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin Vista Dental designs, manufactures, packages and distributes more than 300 cataloged items, many of which offer significant clinical advantages. The company is best known for its endodontic irrigating solutions that outperform traditional medicaments, leading to better patient outcomes. More recently, with the introduction of the Phasor composite heating gun and the Valiant curing light, Vista has become a leader in dental material handling technology.

About Inverness Graham Investments Inc.

Inverness Graham Investments is a private investment firm that acquires tech-enabled product and service companies at the growing intersection of technology and traditional industry.

As a strategic platform build specialist, Inverness Graham Investments acquires high growth companies and further accelerates their growth through highly targeted organic and acquisitive initiatives. The firm draws on a 50-year plus operating heritage as part of the Graham Group, providing transformational capital and the operational support necessary to accelerate growth while enabling owners to achieve their key liquidity objectives.

Headquartered in Newtown Square, PA, with over $500 million of assets under management, Inverness Graham Investments has invested in over 50 tech-enabled companies since its founding over 15 years ago. Inverness Graham Investments is currently investing out of its $280M third fund, Inverness Graham III.

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