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We look forward to being your first choice for quality dental products.
Here's a little bit about us...
Since its beginnings in 1997, Vista Dental has stayed true to the goal of producing quality dental products which offer superior clinical results. As a result of a “Mountains Above the Rest” commitment to quality, creative product development, and impassioned commitment of its employees, Vista has emerged as a leading producer of brand name merchandise.
Today Vista Dental designs, manufactures, packages and distributes more than 300 cataloged items, many of which offer significant advantages and margin improvement opportunities to both our end users and dealers alike.
Product Development and Science-Based Research
In addition to a great number of trademarks, the company owns dozens of patents and patent pending applications related to a wide variety of unique dental devices and innovative dental equipment. Our team of engineers, scientists and clinicians provide a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate processes and to improve upon current techniques and methodologies. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to improve upon existing materials and we continue to partner with universities and dental professionals in the development of new and innovative products.
Quality Focus
Vista follows the concept of “Winning Processes" to create a company dynamic in terms of expectations and results. Through focused research and development, Vista has pioneered the endodontic irrigation market with flagship solutions such as Chlor-XTRA™ and CHX-Plus™. Vista has also introduced a number of unique tools for irrigation, including NiTI SuperFlex™ tips, Flexi-Glide™ utility tips and EZ-Lock™.
Most recently, Vista is pioneering a number of patent pending products which are revolutionizing the application of composites in restorative dentistry along with innovative endodontic technologies.
Vista Dental Products leads the way in quality and innovation in:
  • Endodontic Irrigation
  • Piezo Ultrasonic Tips & Equipment
  • Whitening: In-Office & Take-Home
  • Composite Delivery System
  • Tissue Management Products
  • Ultradent®* Comparison Products
*Ultradent® is a registered trademark of ULTRADENT PRODUCTS INC.
Vista is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer and our products bear the CE mark.
Working with Vista Dental, you become part of the winning process:
  • We treat our customers with an overriding commitment to fairness and customer service.
  • We are committed to offering real product value at reasonable prices compared to industry competitors.
  • We strive to not only meet, but exceed, industry standards for quality systems, product reliability, and customer service.
  • Our success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction and brand recognition.
  • Results are achieved by commitment to better serve our customers through the ideal of a faster, smarter, more aggressive and more creative company than those of our competitors.
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