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    2014 Showcased Products


    Micro-Evac™ tips
    Flexible, patented tips ideal for removing moisture from canal. 
    No paper points needed.

    Piezo LED Scalers      

    Piezo LED Ultrasonic Scalers
    Optimize your visibility! 
    Our compact, lightweight, versatile
    piezo scalers now come with LED!


    Spira-Flo Brush Tip

    Spira-Flo™ Brush Tips
    The ideal tip for controlled placement of materials during restorative procedures.
    New Fluorescent
    Fluorescent™ Whitening
    You get BETTER WHITENING with our Fluorescent™ in-office and take-home whitening solutions. 




  •      If you use Ultradent®* products

      Why Pay More?

    Take a look at some of the products we offer:

    SAVE up to 72%
    Compare to Ultradent® ChlorCid®*

         CHX-Plus™   SAVE up to 42%
                      Compare to Ultradent® Consepsis®*

         Vista-Cal™   SAVE up to 32%
                          Compare to Ultradent® UltraCal® XS*

         Best-Etch™  SAVE up to 53%
                      Compare to Ultradent® Ultra-Etch®*



    Vista offers a wide variety of products that are comparable to the Ultradent®* line…but at significant savings!

    When you view a Vista comparison product, you will see the percentage of savings based on our quantity discount prices and the competitor's prices.

    Want to see all our Comparison Products? 

             2014 Comparison Products catalog



    The world's FIRST cordless ultrasonic endo activation device

    BETTER penetration to every part of the canal!
    BETTER acoustic streaming and the introduction of cavitation!

    BETTER cleaning in less time!

    Watch video or CLICK HERE for EndoUltra™ page


*Not a trademark of Vista Dental Products.
Savings percentages based on Vista's Buy/Get and competitor's 2013 multi-unit dicounted pricing.