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Essential Kit - Compare to: Piezotome®* Tip


Compare to: Piezotome®*- up to 34% Savings


BS1-V-  Saw intended for cutting of cortical bone in surgical orthodontics, pre-implant surgery and bone distraction. (408108)

BS4-V- Circular scalpel for osteoplasty and harvesting of bone particles or chips. (401819)

SL1-V- Diamond-coated tip for vestibular bone window cut and attenuation of sharp angles. (401815)

SL2-V- Diamond-coated ball tip for smoothing the vestibular bone window and precise osteoplasty. (401814)

SL3-V- Non-cutting tip served for Schneiderian membrane elevation on the window's edges. (401813)

LC2-V- Slim tip, allows access to the tight spaces between the root and the alveolar bone. (401106)

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